Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Malhar 2004 IV - Acronymns and Abbreviations

LA - The literary arts department

OC - Member of the Organising Committee of Malhar. The OC in a department is the head of that department.

OG - Organiser. The OGs are the lieutenants of the OCs in their departments.

NCA - Non college assistant for Performing Arts (PA) events, eg light and sound guys, accompanists.

Admin - Administration, the guys who make the rules and regs for the events, and try and enforce them.

Texxx - The Technicals Department, the guys who handle the lights, the sound system and the buzzers in quizzes.

Moffis - The Malhar Office.

OTSE - On the spot entry. As only one team per college per event is allowed, those not in the college teams must take this route. The college doesnt get points for it, and cross college teams are perforce OTSE.


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