Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bring on the Morons

Those of you who have actually seen me in the flesh know that I am partial to T-shirts with humourous messages. I was wearing on of these today. It basically says that I am "Allergic to Morons". Its not a shirt that I wear very regularly, so every so often I come across someone who has never seen it before.

So, as I was walking to a class, I met this guy I know slightly. He looked at the shirt. He looked at me. He smiled. It was a smile I'd seen before, and I knew it well. My heart sank.

"He he he he," he smirked. "So you're allergic to yourself eh? He he he he!"

I often face really stupid comments like these. Once, when I was wearing this same shirt, and two real idiots who I have the misfortune of knowing started arguing over which one of them was causing the cold I had that day. Another time, when I was wearing a T-shirt that says "Take me drunk, I'm home", a casual acquaintance kept badgering me about how no one could "take you drunk, they must 'get' you drunk". Then there are the guys who dodge around a guy wearing an "I'm with Stupid" shirt so that the arrow doesnt point to them. A friend of mine once wore a "99% of all girls are hot. The other 1% are in my college" shirt, and someone asked him if he had conducted a survey.

Perhaps these fools are subconciously threatened by he shirtmaker's (or wearer's) sense of humour, and so feel they have to make an even more humourous statement to reassert their dominance or something. Or maybe they're just idiots. Whatever the case, they're pissing me off.


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