Sunday, July 25, 2004

Its been a very slow week. Nothing of importance happened, except that I just got a motorcycle. So, no more Scooty for me, yey! (Or should I say, Hoodibaba!!). Apart from that, little postworthy stuff happened. College continues at its slow pace, quizzes seem few and far between, I havent read any new books, and no one seems to invite me to parties that I can criticize, Page 0.3333 style.
This, however seems to be what JRR Tolkien calls "the deep breath before the plunge" (The Return of the King pg 748). Inquizzition, Oorja and a host of other quizzes need setting. Malhar beckons. My Spanish class starts tomorrow. AIESEC is trying to recruit me. So I think we can expect either a flurry of posts in the coming weeks, or none.


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