Sunday, July 18, 2004

10 reasons I'm happy I didnt take up Engineering

I have found that when some people meet me for the first time (mostly these are distant relatives or friends of the family), they tend to ask me, "So what branch of Engineering are you doing?", rather than "What are you doing?". Perhaps it's my nerdy demeanor (no offence to all those cool and trendy engineers) or maybe it's my know-it-all attitude, but people think I'm engineeming material. I had also wanted to be an engineer right up to my 10th standard (when I actually made the decision to do Arts). So the question that should be on your mind (if you've been following my train of thought) is "Why?". Well the answer to that is, I'm lazy.

But to abandon these digressive musings, here's the list:

1. I can see the 9pm movie and still get eight hours of sleep on working days.

2. No practicals.

3. No Ties.

4. No KTs.

5. Three months of holidays.

6. Two hours of study per subject (for the entire year) = 63%.

7. My textbooks for an entire year weigh less than 2kgs in total.

8. I get to go into a line of work where shaving everyday is not encouraged.

9. My Alma Mater will never change its name to PIET.

10. I have enough time to goof off and come up with stupid lists.


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