Saturday, July 10, 2004


I was watching the Laureus Sports Awards last night, and though overall the show was very balanced and fair, there was one award, the Best Team award (possibly the most important) that was given to the worst possible contenders, the #$%@&^ English Rugby Team!!! As a recent convert to televised Rugby, I was shocked and apalled. England have won only one major rugby tournament this year (granted that it was the World Cup), but they got slaughtered in the 6 nations (they came 3rd, and lost to the Irish in perhaps the first major Irish victory in any field since 1023AD), the Bledisloe Cup, etc etc. Also, there were other, better teams to consider, like the Australian Cricket team (much as it pains me to praise those @#$%*), the Ferrari Formula 1 team (ibid), and the 'Alinghi' Americas Cup winning team. They deserved the award about as much as they deserved to win the RWC, that is to say, not at all, the rotten cheating scum. This just goes to show that if your nation has a mediocre sporting record, all you need do is use your tabloid media to hype up your teams and players to such great heights (Rooney is the next Pele, Wilkinson is the best rugby player ever(snort!)etc etc) that you really convince others and yourselves that these inanities are the gospel truth.
@#$#@% knackered *&%*$#@s!!!

(The author wishes to apologise for the rambling incoherence of this post, and pleads that he is just very very angry right about now.)


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