Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Arjun Singh Facts

  • Arjun Singh killed all those women in Whitechapel a hundred years ago.
  • Arjun Singh stole the Jules Rimet trophy from Brazil.
  • Arjun Singh was the Monkey Man.
  • Arjun Singh only eats meat if it belongs to an animal from an endangered species.
  • Arjun Singh knows how to cure cancer, but won't tell anyone.
  • Arjun Singh supports the Pakistan Cricket team, especially when they play India.
  • Arjun Singh was initially hailed as the Antichrist by Satanists, until they realised he was way too evil for them.
  • Arjun Singh framed Roger Rabbit.
  • When Rome burned, Nero played the fiddle. Arjun Singh was out among the flames throwing petrol at buildings.
  • Arjun Singh never tips.
  • Arjun Singh takes your socks out of the dryer and hides them.
  • Arjun Singh stole the cookie from the cookie jar.
  • Arjun Singh is the source of all chain e-mails.
  • Arjun Singh makes sure your luggage gets sent to a different airport than you.
  • All your base are belong to Arjun Singh, and he isn't giving them back.
  • Arjun Singh is a master of Kitten Bonsai.
  • Arjun Singh bullshits better than Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf.
  • Arjun Singh killed Kenny.
  • Arjun Singh is more evil than Bert.
  • You have two cows. Arjun Singh takes them away from you. Now you have nothing.
  • Arjun Singh spells "potato" with an e at the end.
  • Arjun Singh moved your cheese.
  • Arjun Singh brushes with Topical Cream for Treatment of Fissures and Festulas.
(Fine Print: This article may or may not be about any specific person named Arjun Singh of your acquaintance. Any references to any person, living or dead, may or may not be coincidental. Any similarity to Internet memes may or may not be intentional. Thank you.)


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