Monday, February 13, 2006

Core Dump 2

  • Just got back from Delhi where I was a part of the FC team at the finals of the IMS IQ Quiz. We had many funs, and I will be blogging about it soon.
  • Due to IMS's generosity in flying us to Delhi, I got a first hand look at the mayhem in airline industry at the moment. Our flight to Delhi (by Jet) was delayed by three hours on account of fog over Delhi. We later learned that the said fog had screwed up airline timetables all over India, and almost all the other teams who came to Delhi were delayed. Our flight back was even more eventful as the airline on which we were supposed to fly (Sahara) suddenly decided not to fly because of some sort of pilots' strike or something. Due to the large number of flights cancelled, we could not even get an endorsement on another airline, and we had to finally resort to buying tickets on Kingfisher Air, on a flight that left five hours later than the one on which we were originally booked. Fortunatley, Kingfisher turned out to be a really cool airline with great service, good food, amazing in-flight entertainment and really hot (or as my friend put it Rasssa) cabin crew, so it wasnt all that bad.
  • The phone lines at my place came on today after eight days of isolation from the outside world. I've spent most of today reading the gargantuan stack of mail in my inbox and the even bigger backlog in my feed reader. I really hate BSNL now, the bloody Vogons.


Blogger Ramanand said...

alright, alright, tell us what happened at the quiz. BTW, who was representing iit-b?

10:07 AM  
Blogger Kunal said...

I havent given the results because the IMS junta might have an issue with that, given that the quiz was televised.

The IITB team was Chitranshu Mathur, Rahul Lath, and a third guy whose name I didnt catch.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Ramanand said...

Ah ok - anyway, one of your fellow quizzer-blogger-participants has not shown such courtesy towards IMS :-) and have let the beans roll out of the cans. When is it to be televised?

12:58 AM  

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