Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Vote for me!

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The Indian blogosphere has finally hit rock bottom. This blog has been nominated for an Indibloggie!

Yes, its true. Ceteris Paribus has been nominated in the "Best Tagline" category, my tagline being "Omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina". Of course, I think I should explain my highbrow Latin tagline. It means, "Anything sounds good if said in Latin" (loosely translated). Now that you know, you have no excuse not to vote for it.

Many thanks to the fine people who nominated me and voted to shortlist me (and actually took the time to figure out what it means), and also to the junta responsible for the whole Indibloggie thing. Debashish, take a bow!

So, folks, go on and vote for me. You can vote here, right up to January the 10th.

Update: Suhail Kazi points out that apart from my tagline, the title of this blog as well as the blurb on my Blogger profile are in Latin (which actually adds credence to my tagline). However considering that most people (including me) do not understand Latin, perhaps translations are in order. Well, here they are:

Ceteris Paribus: This is a Latin phrase, beloved of social scientists and their ilk, which means "with all other things constant". It is generally used by economists and others to avoid taking all possible variables into account (eg, "a rise in prices causes a rise in supply, assuming ceteris paribus", where it cleverly allows the Economist in question to avoid taking responsibility for the operation of the statement in question in a real economy).

Ita erat quando hic adveni: This one is a more modern phrase (although doubtless much used by delinquent Roman kids) which means "It was that way when I got here".

Update 2: Well, I didn't win this one then. I must at this time point out that since the other three nominees in this category actually took the time out to think up of a good tagline for their blogs, while I just lifted mine from Wikipedia, all three of them probably deserved the award more than I did ;-). Anyway, thanks to the bloke who nominated my tagline, the jurors who voted to shortlist it, and all 57 people who voted for it, I really appreciate it. Oh, and congrats to Shivam!


Anonymous Kunal T said...

Hmm. I am thinking of changing my tagline to get some fame and maybe nominations in the next year's bloggie awards :-D . Btw, your fellow cartel member has publicly supported you on his blog for this stupid poll.

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.
- Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound

4:28 AM  
Anonymous shivam said...

Thanks Kunal!

3:09 AM  

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