Saturday, May 28, 2005

I couldn't resist

Although I had decided not to review Revenge of the Sith, I saw the movie again today and I can't help but make some observations: (SPOILER WARNING)
  1. When Anakin Skywalker kills Dooku/Tyrannus, the good count is remarkably silent on his master, Palpatine/Sidious selling him out. Palpatine eggs Anakin on to kill Dooku, but Dooku is silent. If I were in Dooku's place, I would be screaming blue murder, or at least rat Palpatine out to Anakin.
  2. R2-D2 is packed with more gadgets than Inspector Gadget. At last count, he had two jets, a rotating thingy that allows him to control lifts, a winch, a gun thingy, an oil squirter thingy and a welding iron, and that's just the prequels.
  3. The Clone Troopers have abandoned their earlier distinctive armour by ROTS, and now closely resemble Imperial Stormtroopers.
  4. For a species who can pilot starships with relative ease and who display other signs of technological prowess, the Wookies are remarkably attached to primitive weapons such as crossbows and clubs.
  5. In the opera, Palpatine refers to "Clone Intelligence". Them clones must have a really tough time in the spying business. After all, how hard can it be to recognise one of them?
  6. The opera which Palpatine and Anakin attend is about as entertaining as watching fish in a fishbowl. Wait a minute, it looks like fish in a fishbowl.
  7. Altough Padme is carrying twins, everyone labours under the assumption that there is only one child. As arguably three of the greatest Jedi ever, would it be too much to expect Obi-wan, Anakin and Yoda to detect two force sensitive children? And what, no sonograms?
  8. When you are hiding the child of a dangerous enemy, taking him to the place of your enemies' birth, in the house of the enemies' relatives, does not seem like a particularly brilliant plan to me.
  9. It is surprising how many of the staunchest supporters of "democracy" are royalty, like Queen Amidala or Princess Leia.
  10. The people of Naboo seem to have a fetish for putting young (inexperienced) females on their throne. They also seem to change these Queens at alarmingly frequent intervals. And if she's elected, why call her "Queen"?


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