Sunday, May 22, 2005

Obligatory Star Wars Review Post

As the Coyote says, "If you ever doubt that most bloggers are geeks at heart, just look at all the Star Wars coverage in blogs this week." Well, being pretty much of a geek myself, I went and saw the movie (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) today, and liked it a bit. But I shall refrain from reviewing it here, and just link a lot of other reviews:

The Coyote writes a very (IMHO) balanced review that I agree with a lot. I had a few more points of discord in mind though. (Includes some Spoilers)

Tony Scott thinks that ROTS was better than Episode IV in his review here.

Professor Bainbridge
worries that Episode III is actually a "Hollywood-liberal" conspiracy to discredit George W Bush that betrays the Star Wars story arc.

The guys at Polyscifi feel the above reviewer is reading a little bit too much in the movie.

(Update: 23rd May 2005)
Anish notices many peculiar thing in the movie.

Anthony Lane writes a very critical review here. Among other things, he describes Grievous as a "Slaying mantis" and Vader as a "Hockey Goalkeeper from Hell" (wait, wasn't that Jason X?).


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