Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Why do so many Libertarians Blog?

I am a libertarian.Many of the people on my personal blogroll are libertarian. All the sites on my Economic/Political blogroll are libertarian. The sites on their blogrolls are libertarian. All this adds up to a lot of libertarian blogs. So the question is, why? The Coyote takes a stab at it:

However, a major part of the problem is that libertarianism resists organization. Libertarianism tends to be a big tent that attracts everything from anarcho-capitalists to Cheech-and-chong-esque hempfest organizers to Larry-Flint style pornographers. (....) Libertarians revel in differences and being different. Almost by definition, none of us have the same message, or even believe that we all should have the same message. Many of us are suspicious of top-down organization in and of itself. Blogging is therefore tailor made for us – many diverse bottom-up messages rather than one official top-down one. (....) The Internet today is perhaps the single most libertarian institution on the planet. It is utterly without heirarchy, being essentially just one layer deep and a billion URL's wide. Even those who try to impose order, such as Google, do so with no mandate beyond their utility to individual users.

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