Friday, April 29, 2005

"Frustated Economist" Captain Capitalism (love the blog name, btw) thinks he's found the perfect woman for him. Consider the facts:
1. She reads The Economist
2. She was a financial manager at a money management firm
3. She had her undergraduate in finance
4. She was getting her masters in economics

The next hour of conversation was tantilizing and insanely intelligent. We talked about econometric modeling. We talked about efficient frontier theory. We talked about Miller-Modigliani. And then she talked about her specialty, behavioral economics.

I love it when chicks talk dirty to me.
Sadly, though for our superhero friend, it doesn't work out, because as the guy on Marginal Revolution (where I saw the post) says, "Doing it with models ain't as easy as it looks!"

The post is quite insanely funny, and intelligible even if you don't really understand Fisher's Quantity Theory and IS-LM curves. And, as an added bonus, in the comments you get free advice on how to bag hot lady Economists by one of their number.


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