Sunday, December 05, 2004

A two Week old Story

(The following incident happened two weeks ago, however I was unable to write about it then due to time constraints.)

It was a bright and chilly (or thereabouts) Saturday afternoon.I was in a deep sleep following the overwhelming soporific effect of this quiz. At about 5:30pm, I became aware of someone trying to wake me up. I resisted for a while, but I had to give in to the loud voice and the inexplicable shaking. As my eyes opened, I saw my father looking at me. I will now give you an account of the conversation we had.

"Come on, he won't stay on line much longer."
"The reporter, from the Times."
"Huhhhhh? What Times?"
"The Pune Times of India." (My dad likes to get it right.)
"Huhhhhh? Wheere is he?"
"On the phone. He's been holding for about five minutes!" (Note: The Caller ID later established it as 3 minutes 34 seconds.)

Finally, I got the import of the situation. I rushed to the phone. However, the guy had hung up. Checking my cellphone, I saw I had three missed calls from the same number. My father tld me the call was from a 'Manish' in the Pune Times. Thinking it was something important, I returned the call. However, I was told that Manish had left the office. So I left a message and rung off.

Three hours later he called back.

"Hello, is that Kunal?"
"Yeah. Hey listen, I'm really sorry man. I was alseep and..."
"Yeah, that's ok. There are some questions I want to ask you."
"Sure, go ahead."
"Do you think uniforms should be made compulsory for Junior College students?"

What?! Had this guy called me five times for, let's face it, an opinion poll? I dazedly answered the rest of his questions, supressing an overwhelming desire to tell him about (and interview him for) a certain blog I contribute to.

(It later ranspired that he had caught my friend Sangita in a similar mid-sleep situation and extracted my numbers from her in her dazed state. Her interview appeared a week later and seems to be a part of a series that featured an interview of, among others, our Great Leader, Principal VK "Joylon" Wagh.)

Of course this incident only confirmed my low opinion of the Pune Times. Are their priorities so skewed? Or do other newspapers also call people five times for opinion polls?

Overall, I think that its better for the Pune Times to report on parties and socialites, cause they're just so much better at it. Leave the serious issues to serious newspapers and party on, I say!


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