Friday, September 10, 2004

So much to do, so little time....

Three quizzes at Oorja. Inquizzition. Pinnacle. Three quizzes at Malhar. All within the space of a few weeks. My teachers dont recognise me any more. I havent seen the inside of a classroom in weeks. I have spent more time in meetings (those of you familiar with the workings of the Fergusson College Cultural Committee will understand) than in classes this year. I think that you can now see that I have had an extremely busy month.

It has also been an extremely succesful month. Malhar, of course yielded large quantities (dunno about quality) of loot. The quiz at Pinnacle, the SCOE cultural fest proved to be an unexpected victory for Salil and me, and we raked in some more moolah. Inquizzition, if nothing else, proved to be a financial success, and the FC Quiz Society has ended up quite comfortably in the black.

But the immediate reason for my posting hiatus (wonder why that word is so popular with bloggers) is Oorja, the Fergusson College intra-college fest that is going on right now. Three days of hectic activity and lots of fun (and a free Tshirt) means that I am at college almost all day, and get only seven hours of sleep every day(?!). But more on that later.

But, come Monday, and normal life restarts (I hope). Lectures early in the morning (Yawn!), Spanish class, Jeremy Clarkson on Thursdays, the same old routine. I just wish everything didnt happen in spurts, though. Ah, well!


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