Sunday, October 31, 2004

That Switchbox of Horrors

Every year, The Simpsons feature a Hallow'een special called The Treehouse of Horrors. It generally features a scarier storyline, where one of the characters, or sometimes even the entire human race dies or is destroyed. It's very cool, something to look forward to. This year, in a rare treat, Star World showed 12 of these specials in a six hour marathon as a part of their Hallow'een programme.

And I missed it!! Thank you MSEB, you incompetent, lazy, good for nothing, useless bastards! I was able to watch the first episode, a part of the second and a part of the second last, but the rest was lost in power cuts and cable outages resulting from power cuts in other parts of town. Once again, the MSEB screwed me over. Damn, I hate them!

PS: My apologies for the lame title.


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