Sunday, October 03, 2004

Confessions of a Trendily Dressed Teenybopper

Trawling the net today (why shouldnt I, Sunday ko Internet free hota hai) I came across this article from three years ago in our favourite rag, the Pune Times.

Its painful to reopen old wounds, but I must say, this one article caused me more mental anguish and pain than most other things that have caused the aforementioned. Imagine yourself as a young, naive 16 year old, in his first year in college. Imagine that you are desperately trying to be cool, to fit in. And now imagine yourself being viciously slandered in a (then) widely read and sort of respected newspaper. Teenybopper, they said. Trendily dressed young collegian, they said. Why not PYT, while you are at it? I became a pariah among my peers. My circle of friends shrank considerably. I instantly metamorphisised (in public opinion) from a cool guy with anti-establishment tendencies to a Pg-3 personality. I have only just started living it down. And to top it all, I didn't even say that stuff. I was misquoted! (But more on that later). Damn you, Pune Times!

So now you know the reason for my strong dislike of the Pune Times. So, my advice to all you people out there is, the next time you see a Pune Times reporter who wants your opinion on your quizzing club, or your socially productive activities, or your favourite eating place, run!!

(Disclaimer: Some details may have been changed to provide for a more interesting storyline. Any resemblance to existing publications and articles therein is fully intentional. The author apologises for any inconvenience thereof, ope exeptionis.)


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