Saturday, September 27, 2008

In which my girlfriend totally pwned me

So last night, I was watching Reason's coverage of the Presidential Debates (with commentary by Bob Barr, which was awesome). They were showing it live, and the webcast had a chat thread going on by the side. Now I'm a regular reader of Reason's Hit and Run blog, and if there is one thing about that website that is better than the quality of the writing, it is the quality of the comments. So there I was, reading and participating in the awesome chat thread. Somewhere along the way, someone made a comment comparing Obama with ManBearPig. I responded with the following comment (reproduced from memory, since they don't seem to have saved a transcript):
If you're going to make Southpark references to Obama, how can you not mention Night of the living Homeless? "CHANGE!! CHANGE!!!"
Now I think that was pretty funny, and apparently so did a couple of the other participants. They like it so much, in fact that I was nominated, and seconded for a thread win. (A thread win is a tradition on Hit and Run's comments, given to an especially awesome or funny comment. Naturally for a libertarian blog, it is conferred by acclamation.) I was elated, of course. So elated, in fact, that I changed my status on Gtalk to
I won a thread on Reason. Bow to me, lowly mortals!!
Confident in my supreme awesomeness, I went to sleep. When I woke up, I saw that my girlfriend had sent me the following cartoon:

Thrifties = Christies for the cheapSo yeah. I suffered such extreme pwnage that I had to stay home all day to recuperate. When you get pwned so completely, there is but one thing to say and that thing is orz. But I bet right now you're wishing your girlfriend was as cool as mine.


Anonymous KT said...

totally pwned. nice work J!

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Anonymous J said...


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