Friday, April 22, 2005

The Greatest Rock Bands (and songs)

Picked up this meme(?) from Arnold and Kunal T.

Iron Maiden

By far the best rock band in the world (IMHO). Exploding onto the scene in 1980, Maiden have kept the hits coming for 25 years. Their latest album, Dance of Death is just as amazing as some of their best ones, like Number of the Beast and Fear of the Dark were. They've turned out around 14 studio albums and about half a dozen live albums and still stayed true to what they were and what their fans have loved them for. And in spite of this, they're still up there, on the top of the charts (the new release of the Number of the Beast entered the UK charts at No. 2 this year). Maiden have never made a St. Anger. Maiden have never sold out.

But more than that, Maiden to me is what got me onto rock music in the first place. I was still in school when I listened to my first Maiden song, The Wicker Man, and have been hooked since. I've worn out my Best of the Beast tape listening to such anthems as Fear of the Dark and Hallowed be thy Name. It took me a bit longer to appreciate songs like Virus and Afraid to shoot Strangers with their looong intros, but they are quite worth it. The trio of guitarists, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Jannick Gers are among the best in the world (Murray especially) and current vocalist Bruce Dickinson is, well the man (although his predecessors Paul DiAnno and Blaze Bailey were good too). Some of their other amazing songs have been Running Free (a DiAnno anthem), Aces High (one of my favourites), Killers (has some very brilliant leads), Prowler, Trooper, Lord of the Flies (one of their best with Bailey) and 22 Acacia Avenue.

Overall, an altogether amazing band.


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