Sunday, January 09, 2005

Road Trip!

On Thursday I went to Dapoli (Depoli?) on a road trip on my trusted Caliber 115 (Hoodibaba!) with friends Siddharth, Salil and Kunal. Had an amazing holiday, spending two whole days riding our bikes, hanging out at the beach, eating Malvani food (not such a great treat if you're a Goan, but good stuff anyway) and generally longing around. We stayed at Murud (small village 9 kms from Dapoli, not to be confused with Murud Janjira, which is quite a bit further to the north) at a resort called Dreamland, which happened to be right on the beach (yippee!). Saw the main attraction of that area, which mainly consisted of a resort called Sagar Sawali which is about 20 kms from Murud at a place called Burondi (not to be confused with the Tin Pot Little African Country three inches from the Mediterranen) which was a ripoff, the harbour of the nearby fishing village of Harne (3 kms from Murud) and the Ganpati Temple at Anjarle (12 kms from Murud). In touring the Konkan countryside we also thoroughly enjoyed its rustic beauty, its sylvan splendour and its mindboggling profusion of ghats (and I thought Konkan was just low lying coastal plains!). Our journey to Dapoli was via Mulshi and the Tamhini Ghat, thence to Mangaon and then Mahad by National Highway 17, after which we got lost and saw more Konkan countryside before reaching our destination. Our return journey was via Khed (not to be confused with the taluka in Pune dist., the village in Satara dist., etc, etc), where we took yet another wrong turn and saw even more Konkan countryside. We then took the NH17 to Poladpur, where after some excellent misal pav, we took the Fitzgerald ghat to Mahabaleshwar. After luncheoning on butter chicken, we left for Pune (but not before a 45min "rest cure") and reached our glorious metropolis at 7:45 in the evening, putting an end to our most enjoyable vacation.

(PS: Expect more posts on the same here, here and here.)
(PPS: Due to reasons beyond my control, no photographs are available.)


Blogger Srijan said...

arre dude! if only you'd told me you're going to murud! pooja owns one of the resorts there.....its right on the beach even!

12:16 PM  
Blogger poojabal said...

pooja here...

it was good to know that now people know what murud is.i mean,i don't have to actually sit and start explainin what konkan is & then what ratnagiri is...blah blah i usually did.

u wont believe this,but abt. 3-4 years back...murud was the best place on this earth...only coz nobody new abt it.Being my native place,i have grt. attachment towads this heavenly place.I remember going to murud tons of times when there was simply nobody on the beach besides me & the waves.
i swear there is nothing like that.........

Sometimes i feel really good that ppl can come here & see this beautiful place....but,most of the times it is horrifying to know that tourists can't care for murud.
The polluting factors always highlight the place.

btw, we'll plan to go to murud together someday....coz u missed the "hotspots of murud".

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Vikram Joshi said...

Heya Guys.. Guess what..
me goin to Dapoli/Murud.. 2moro morning..
This blog is gr8.. and ur "not be be confused with..." thing is cool.. :P
lolzz ... thanks dude..!!

1:46 PM  
Anonymous shashank said...

Hi I m going to Dapoli Dreamland...Wanted your help on the road map

1:32 AM  
Anonymous shashank said...

Please mail me details from PUNE via Paud to Dreamland

1:34 AM  
Anonymous shashank said...

1:35 AM  

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