Wednesday, December 21, 2005

And now... The longest comment in the American East Coast Collegiate Blogosphere

Josh McCabe recently put up a post on how English majors suck (linked to by the Indian blogosphere's most prominent FMS English Major). Predictably, he received a lot of hate mail intelligent criticism from liberal wieners NHBs. However, there was one amazing, incisive comment by this one punter called Mike Guerra. It was huge (though at 1483 words it is dwarfed by Chetan's bandwidth buster). So huge that Livejournal (the crappy service that Josh insists on using) couldn't handle the load, and Josh had to manually post it in three parts.

The answer, I think, is to stop being so damn ignorant, to start actually talking to one another, and trying to understand why it is that we don't agree with each other. We don't need Ann Coulter to explain to us how to talk to liberals, its easy...just visit one of our English classes and ask. And we don't need Michael Moore to teach us how to get in conservatives faces and twist facts and video to make them look like idiots, he can have that job all to himself. What we need is honest open conversation. Until that happens we will continue to be forced to choose between our cookie cutter two party candidates, and Josh will never have his libertarian president, and nothing will ever actually change.
Read them here.

Respect to Mike bhai, thats some mighty good writing.


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