Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blogroll Expansion X+4

Two links that were very, very overdue:

On the Personal Blogroll:

Aditya Udas: The big guy of the Pune quizzing scene blogs about Life, the Universe, and Bad Days. If you know him, his blog (and its comment section) are (so far) quite hilarious. He also tells a spectacularly implausible story every time you ask him how he got his surname, so if you're ever bored, ask him.

On the Economic and Political blogroll:

The Acorn: One of my favorite Desi blogs, along with India Uncut. Nitin Pai blogs on the Economy, Foreign Policy and the Economy. A must read.

(PS: I'm beginning to think that maybe organising my blogroll into "Personal" and "Political and Economic" sections doesn't make much sense. Anyone have any better ideas?)

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