Saturday, October 15, 2005


Marginal Revolution, in its "Markets in Everything" talks about a new Arabic TV show that features the life of Omar Shamshoon. Sound familiar? Yeah, that's Homer Simpson in Arabic!

An Arabized "Simpsons" -- called "Al Shamshoon" -- made its debut in the Arab world earlier this month, in time for Ramadan, a time of high TV viewership. It uses the original "Simpsons" animation, but the voices are dubbed into Arabic and the scripts have been adapted to make the show more accessible, and acceptable, to Arab audiences.

The Arabic Homer, apparently has given up beer and bacon, which to me seems quite sacriligious. Here and here are two articles by an Arab blogger who is equally angry at this blasphemous translation (h/t: MR again).

Al Shamshoon? Worst. Idea. Ever.


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