Monday, October 03, 2005

The Baap of all Conspiracy Theories

[SPOILER WARNING: Do NOT read this if you have not seen Fight Club, but want to.]

All of us, I'm sure have spent sleepless nights pondering one of the 20th Century's greatest unanswered question: Whatever happened to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes? Did he grow up? Did he realise that Hobbes was actually a figment of his imagination? Did he grow up to be a nerdy insomniac who invents an imaginary friend, starts an antisocial group with him and becomes the subject of a David Fincher movie? If you did, then 1) Get help and 2) Read this article at Metaphilm.

Just as Calvin has an imaginary jungle-animal friend named Hobbes, whom everyone else believes to be nothing but a stuffed toy, "Jack" in Fight Club has an imaginary cool-guy friend named Tyler, whom no one but Jack can see.

In both cases, the entity that began as the ideal companion soon took on a more realistic, three-dimensional quality. In other words, they became real. This is evident in that both Hobbes and Tyler also began to function as scapegoats for their creators. For instance, consider that Calvin often blames broken lamps and other assorted household mischief on Hobbes, and that Jack is inclined to believe that Fight Club and other various anti-society mischief is brought about by Tyler, not himself. Calvin claims Hobbes pounces on him every day after school; Jack believes Tyler beats him up next to 40 kilotons of nitroglycerin in a parking garage—the list goes on and on. The relationships between the two sets of friends are the exact same. Is this mere coincidence?

Is it? I don't know, but if you enjoy such deep, philosophical and pointless movie musings, read the article. If you're still not satisfied, check out the rest of Metaphilm (they replace all their "f"s with "ph"s, I don't know why).

Hat Tip: Shivaji Marella.


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