Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who needs the UN?

Proposals to expand the UN Security Council have, in recent days, put the 60-year old organisation in the spotlight. India, Brazil, Germany and Japan want to be permanently on the council, with two African permanent seats and four extra non-permanent seats. Pakistan, Italy and a bunch of other stick-in-the mud countries want only ten new non-permanent seats. China wants to keep Japan out. The Arabs and the Africans want a couple of seats for themselves. The Russians are sticking by the Chinese. And the Americans will oppose any plan, even their own.

Well here's my fifty paise. India have been good UN members since its inception, and we've got nothing to show for it. Indians contribued to the peacekeeping missions, indeed, died for them even. Who policed Somalia after the US pulled out after loosing 24 (I think) soldiers? Oh yes, that was India.. We've consistently supported the UN and its programs. We've set a good example as an enduring third world democracy. And what did we get for all this? Nothing.

Being in the UN for sixty years, being a contributer for its efforts, being the world's biggest democracy doesn't count for much when its time to decide who gets a bigger say in the running of the UN. And the one time when we had a problem and needed their intervention, what did the UN do? Twiddled their thumbs, looked at their feet and made inane comments about the weather, and in doing so, gave the Indian subcontinent a problem that would trouble Indian and Pakistanis for half a century.

In this day and age, the UN is quite irelevant. Could solve the imbroglio over the Iraq? Could they stop the genocides in Bosnia, Rwanda or Darfur? Can they make North Korea and Iran halt their nuclear programs? Can they help tackle the global scourge of terrorism? The answer is a resounding "no" to all of the above. So I say India, the other G-4 countries, and indeed the rest of the world ought to pull out of the UN. Leave the P-5 to sit around their nice shiny Security Council table and veto each other untill Hell freezes over. Because that's all the UN is good for today.

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