Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Out of Context

Manmohan Singh said:
Today, with the balance and perspective offered by the passage of time and the benefit of hindsight, it is possible for an Indian Prime Minister to assert that India's experience with Britain had its beneficial consequences too.
Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said:
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has insulted the sentiments of one hundred million proud Indians by lavishing praise on the British colonial rule. He owes an apology to the nation and should explain the context under which he made such comments
It pains me to see a once great party reduce itself to such cheap shots. I have every confidence that if the situation was reversed, the Congress spokesman would be making such idiotic statements, but it is not something I would expect from the BJP.

Oh, and Mr. Naqvi, you can read the context here, just like the rest of us did.

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Blogger @mit said...

Bulls Eye !!

We need to mature as a polity and as a nation. Politics is not about cheap shots but about informed debates and Frankly education has nothing to do with it.

My take on this fiasco at

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