Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Arundhati Roy Award for Idiotarian of the Year 2004-2005

No tribals were displaced in the making of this trophy
Inspired by Charles Johnson and his band of Merry Men, I have decided to institute an award here at Ceteris Paribus, for outstanding accomplishments as an Indian Idiotarian. I had originally decided to give the award to India's No.1 Idiotarian, Arundhati Roy, for this tirade (h/t Gaurav). However, it occured to me that this would be unfair on other contenders, Mrs. Roy might well dominate the awards for years to come.So I decided to name the award after her, enshrining her name in that great Valhalla of Idiotarians.

But enough explanations. Without further ado, (Drumrolls) I would like to announce that the award goes to....

'Me lose brain? Ha ha ha! Why I laugh?'
Shah Rukh Khan! (/Drumrolls)

It was a tough decision, but his recent comments (h/t Amit) on the Cigarrette Ban in Movies tipped the scales for him. In a recent interview given to Rediff, he said:
Actually, the more liberal a society becomes, the more stringent the laws are bound to be. In the US, you can buy a gun off the shelf, and then someone starts shooting down kids in a school. So they need strict laws to make guns accessible to people. With air travel being so easy now -- you can book tickets by e-mail -- airport security is tougher. In a banana republic, nothing is allowed. In our society, everything is allowed. Therefore we need to check the flow of liberal ideas.
What can I say, but quote Amit, who said, "It would take a constipated bull, eating continuously, an entire week to build up reserves of this much you-know-what."

Good Night, Subh Ratri, Shabba Khair.

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