Friday, July 22, 2005

This just in from Kolkata....

Arnab the Great Bong has this to say on the ladies in the Arts faculties of Jadavpur University:
Immediately, I noticed the difference (from the girls in the Computer Science Department). Intensely feminine, lispy smiles, a curl of hair falling seductively on the forehead, whisps of perfume and yes sometimes the arching of the back, the slanting of the head, and the entire-damsel-in-distress-waiting-to-be-rescued-by-knight-in-shining-armour routine.

Coyness. And boldness. But the boldness was not obtrusive enough so as to be considered vulgar ---a kind of subterranean well of passion which you knew would gush out only if you knew how to press the proper buttons. In other words----- "I am game for anything if you know how to play".
I have just one question: How do I transfer to Jadavpur U?

(H/t: Amit Varma)

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Blogger GREATBONG said...

JU arts is where you should transfer to...JU Engg is pure hell hormonally.

Incidentally I have posted a blog on Parnab....

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