Saturday, February 03, 2007

Go Mooninites!

So Cartoon Network was running this big ad campaign in the US, as a part of which, eight cities were covered with LED devices that depicted characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a show on CN. One of the devices is pictured at left. Now, to any sane human, this looks like a harmless LED placard. But to the authorities in Boston, this had all the hallmarks of an Al Qaeda bomb plot. They swung into action, and used all their fancy new Dept. of Homeland Security financed equipment to shut down half of Boston. Finally, when they realised that there was indeed a difference between an LED and an IED, instead of apologising for their stupidity, they arrested the two guys responsible for putting up the placards for "perpetrating a hoax".

Which brings us to the point of this whole post. The two men, Peter Beredovsky and Sean Stevens, were mobbed by reporters as they were leaving the jail on bail. Here is what happened:

Man, these guys rock!

(H/t: Radley Balko.)


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