Friday, June 10, 2005

Advani flip-flops again

BJP President LK Advani has withdrawn his resignation as party president today after the party today totally rubbished his stand on MA Jinnah being a secular guy. I'm sorry, I thought this was the stuff that made you resign, not withdraw your resignation. Like I said in this post, Indian politicians have this nasty habit of not staying resigned. With the events that occurred today, LK Advani has cemented his place as the King of such flip-floppers. They have also made him look like an opportunistic coward who couldn't stand up for his actions.

In many ways, the current BJP crisis has been the worst possible thing for the party. The conservative president tries to soften the party's image (in the worst possible way, I might add) and is brought down by hardline Hindutva saffronheads. Then the president does an abrupt annd humiliating about turn after the party repudiates his stand. And who has been the winner in all this? The same hardliners, no doubt. And a smiling Soniaji who's had the spotlight taken off her undemocratic dirty tricks in Bihar and other states.

Well one thing's for sure. They've lost my vote.


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